MetaEstate is a house trading NFT collection on Ethereum. Players collect and trade buildings and rent them out (stake them) to earn the $MEST utility token.
A collection of 5,000 unique items make up the MetaEstate on the Ethereum blockchain. Each item is unique and has different value. The bigger valued building you have, the bigger the rent reward.
There are 5 types of items players can collect. Townhouses, Villas, Mansions, Comercial objects, and skyscrapers.
Each building in the collection gets rewards in the form of $MEST tokens - the game’s native currency. Through this, users are incentivized to acquire and buildings to their collection, as $MEST tokens can be utilized within the game economy to improve their holdings and generate even more $MEST.
Our last step is to create our own metaverse. The NFTs that you have collected will now come to life in MetaEstate metaverse! MetaEstate metaverse will be like no other. Realistic buildings, mass verity of cars, events, and activities.
MetaEstate is aimed at the diverse and passionate crypto and gaming communities, which span across all parts of the world, and every demographic. As we enter the roaring twenties, we are well-positioned to be of interest to many potential players around the world.